Compact hydraulic tensioners

Series CTP-C

Compact hydraulic tensioners


The CTP-C series is the compact line of the FPT hydraulic bolt tensioners and it is characterised by its threaded piston.
This construction makes it possible to reduce the clearance and it is the perfect solution to be used on tight environments, when there is no space. FPT makes this type of hydraulic tensioners for all instances when it manages to meet the clearance requirements without needing to move to the technical solution of a multi-stage tensioner.

FPT is specialised on design the hydraulic bolt tensioners on the customer specification based on the specific requirements.

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Compact hydraulic bolt tensioners

The compact hydraulic bolt tensioners are built with the threaded piston, this constructive execution allows to reduce the overall dimensions to the minimum allowing to have a tensioner with extremely reduced dimensions and to be able to operate where other tensioners could not be installed.

FPT produces this type of tensioner, with threaded piston, in all those cases in which it is possible to satisfy the requirements of space without having to pass to the technical solution of the multistage tensioner.

FPT produces compact hydraulic bolt tensioners also in the spring return version to speed up the return operations of the piston. We start from the preliminary study of the existing dimensions and arrive at the definition of the most suitable solution. Tensioners are used instead of hydraulic wrenches and are used for controlled tightening of nuts on stud bolts in the assembly of marine engines, large valves, compressors, pumps, presses, large machine tools and turbines. They can be designed to adapt to the main types of flanges: ANSI B16.5 – ANSI B16.47 – BS3293 – AWWA – MSS-SP44 – API-6A – API-17D – UNI EN 1092-1, including Norsok flanges, Vector, Slip on, Weld Neck and many others.

All the components are made with high strength steels and have a special treatment to ensure high resistance to corrosion and high resistance to wear during screwing operations.

FPT is specialized in the study and production of custom made compact hydraulic bolt tensioners from 700 to 2500 bar. Markets increasingly require bolt tensioners made to customer specifications so as to be able to operate in the required dimensions. FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. It also takes care of following the customer in the development of the hydraulic circuit by supplying the electric or air control units, the lever pumps and all the components suitable for operating the system, with pressures starting from 1600 bar, 2800 bar, 3000 bar. The hydraulic tensioners can be single-acting with spring return, with air return, compact, suitable for the wind sector, with threaded insert, underwater subsea tensioners, with bridges or special geometries in order to adapt to the different needs.

  • Suitable compact hydraulic tensioners when it is necessary to have minimum dimensions
  • Extremely compact

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