Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Low clearance hydraulic torque wrench | Hydraulic torque wrenches square drive

FPT – Fluid Power Technology is able to provide a complete solution for all controlled tightening needs and to achieve proper tightening or loosening of a connection through the use the proper hydraulic tools. It has a wide range of hydraulic torque wrenches available square drive and with low clearance version and all the related accessories such as high strength bushings and coaxial reductions. Hydraulic torque wrenches are professional tools designed for industrial applications, equipment assembly and industrial maintenance. The tool is applied to the nut either directly or in conjunction with an impact socket.
The system also includes eletric or air pump units for the control of the tools, twin high pressure hoses, quick coupling and any accessories. It is also possible to request special accessories such as special reaction arms, custom socket wrenches and many others.

A team of technicians is able to suggest and choose the correct hydraulic wrench and tightening tool with the customer according to the different needs of the clients. FPT provides technical training courses and on-site training to provide operators with all the tools necessary for the correct and safe use of tightening equipment. On site training and technical training: FPT courses combine the principles of hydraulics and theoretical training with practical training using hydraulic equipment at our factory or at the customer’s site. The technical training and on-site training courses are aimed at engineers and specialized technical personnel, at the service and repair service, and at sales staff.