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FPT – Fluid Power Technology is a manufacturer of hydraulic nuts.
The hydraulic nuts for bearings are used for installation and removal of components such as couplings, gears and ship propellers or large pieces on conical seats and for assembling and disassembling bearings. The oil is pumped into the ring nut and the piston is pushed out with a high force suitable for the operations to be performed. The tools can have various threads and dimensions and are driven by a hand pump or a high pressure hydraulic unit eletric or pneumatic.
The hydraulic nuts replace the existing hexagonal nuts to provide a punctual and uniform load at each bolted joint. They allow the tensioning of large diameter bolts with ease and with high and precise preloads. The tightening operation is carried out in narrow spaces and it is possible to eliminate the torsional stresses due to the damage to the thread. They can have upper or lower clamping collar, they are extremely compact, moreover it is possible to connect together any number of hydraulic nuts for simultaneous operation, they garantee an uniform tensioning.

FPT is specialized in the design of custom made bolting tools, produced according to customer requirements, designing and producing the tightening tool suitable for the customer’s application. Deep tradition in continuous renewal, strong specialization in engineering and design of new technical solutions, absolute quality of the products and effective technical and post-sales assistance service have made FPT a reference brand for special high pressure hydraulic systems based on to the specific needs of customers. A service center is at the complete disposal of the client for review or carry out maintenance to our products and a well stocked warehouse ensures deliveries of spare parts around the world. Ship all over the world of original spare parts FPT.  Technical support remotely on equipment and hydraulic systems that are equipped with the necessary software.