Hydraulic hand pumps high pressure

Production | High pressure hydraulic hand pumps | High pressure manual pumps 700 – 4.000 bar

FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces a wide range of high pressure hydraulic hand pumps, available in multiple configurations with different tank capacities, valves, construction materials and type of fluid to be pumped. The FPT hydraulic manual pumps are extremely light, made entirely of aluminum alloy, with high performance, very high flow rates for maximum speed during operations. Ease of use and robustness are the characteristics that distinguish them.

High pressure hydraulic hand pumps can be from the PMSA series in single-stage aluminum or from the PDSA series in double-stage aluminum to guarantee a high flow rate in low pressure during the load approach phases and consequent less effort on the part of the operator. DE for all double-acting configurations. Equipped with an internal safety valve calibrated to the maximum working pressure. They have a reduced effort on the lever to reduce fatigue to a minimum. With increased tank L4 or L8 respectively 4 and 8 liters of tank. Available compact hand pumps for the smallest dimensions and easier transportability in any situation. The relative pressure gauge and various lengths of hoses can be installed with the hand pumps. Available at 700 bar – 1600 bar – 3000 bar and 4000 bar.

Hydraulic manual pumps for operating a wide range of hydraulic cylinders, various equipment, hydraulic tensioners and nuts or for installation or dis installations of bearing.

FPT designs and produces very high pressure manual pumps according to specific customer requirements: stainless steel pumps, ultra light, high flow, with dedicated dimensions or for very high pressures.