Heavy Duty Jacking Equipment for bridge bearing replacement

FPT cylinders and pumps for replacing anti seismic support devices

FPT – Fluid Power Technology has produced and supplied the hydraulic equipment suitable, heavy duty jacking equipment, for lifting the Cascade viaduct to be able to remove and replace the bearing. FPT has a strong experience in the sector of road works and motorway maintenance of bridges, viaducts and tunnels. The equipment we produce is then used not only for bridges lifting but also to carry out the translation of bridges, pre-stressing and post-tensioning within the civil and construction industry, prestressing with strands or bars, structural reinforcements and various construction operations.

For the following lifting, single acting hydraulic cylinders were used, with gravity return and equipped with a mechanical locking ring nut; the threaded safety ring nut allows the mechanical locking and keep the load even for very long times and with the control unit disconnected. The operator therefore has the ability to work safely under the lifted load.

The cylinders with mechanical locking nuts are a valid solution for the support and maintenance of bridges and viaducts. Indispensable in the lifting of decks for the removal and replacement of supports. The hydraulic jacks used are also suitable for remaining on site, outdoors, in marine or aggressive environments as all the components of the cylinder itself are subjected to the NITOX – QPQ nitro oxidation treatment which makes the steel hard and resistant to corrosion. giving greater resistance to wear.