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FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and produces various types of grease nuts. Nuts with supply coupling and pressure release screw installed in tangential or axial position. Grease operated nuts via an external power supply unit (hand pump usually). Nuts with integrated screw pump and positioned tangentially or axially. Grease operated nuts and do not require an external power supply unit.
The main use of the nuts is certainly the assembly and disassembly of the bearings, other applications can be the insertion / extraction of conical elements or the fitting of mechanical parts.
FPT’s strength lies in its ability to design and manufacture special high-pressure equipment capable of responding to the most specific customer requests.
Special equipment in both the hydraulic lifting and clamping sector. Systems created by a team of specialists, who follow the customer in the technical consultancy phase, needs analysis, in the design, production and installation of all equipment and products, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner. Special hydraulic cylinders with specific strokes and tonnages, custom hydraulic units, special hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic nuts and rings to customer specifications and specific equipment for every customer need. Deep tradition in continuous renewal, strong specialization in engineering and design of new technical solutions, absolute quality of the products and effective technical and post-sales assistance service have made FPT a reference brand for special high pressure hydraulic systems based on to the specific needs of customers. Special high pressure equipment.

Series GH-DI