FPT Fluid Power Technology Training

FPT – Fluid Power Technology provide technical training on the lifting and bolting equipment. Training and courses are divided in technical training and on-site training, to provide to the operators all the necessary tools for a correct and safe use of the FPT hydraulic equipment.

The trainings combine the principles of high pressure hydraulics with a practical training at our factory using the hydraulic tools.

Rapid technological advancement within the fluid power industry has driven the need for higher levels of competency. The demand for more advanced skills levels within this industry sector moved FPT to present customised hydraulics training courses developed to meet industry or customer needs.

Hydraulic training technology course which exposes participants to:

Theory / principles of hydraulics – Hydraulic fluid characteristics – Pumps & Valves – Cylinders – Basic circuit design – Troubleshooting

Dedicated training on bolt tightening are also carry on:

Theory / principles of high pressure hydraulics – Safety and procedures – Pumps & HPU – hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts .. – Basic circuit design – Troubleshooting

With FPT Fluid Power Technology’s training courses, you will learn everything from the fundamental technology principles to advanced applications on high pressure hydraulics. The courses are designed for engineers, technical staff, service and maintenance staff and sales staff. Special training are done for the use of the hydraulic bolt tensioners and all the safety procedure for the use and the installation. Specific courses are also carry on on the lifting tools to give to the operators all necessary information to performe a lifting on the maximum safety.

At our office we also have a dedicated area where it is possible to test in dynamics our equipment and to simulate the various operations during a lifting. FPT Dynamic Test Facility. Customers are able to simulate lifting and lowering operation using the FPT Synchrnous lifting system, split flow pumps, HPU or any hydraulic pumps.