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FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures high pressure custom made hydraulic cylinders from 350 bar up to 2.000 bar, following the request of the customer based on specific design requirements. Hydraulic jacks with size, force, stroke and special functions, designed and manufactured custom made. High tonnage hydraulic cylinders up to 3.000 tons, lifting cylinders, high tonnage hydraulic jacks, hollow cylinders, locking collar cylinders, double acting lock nut cylinders to fasten the return phase, extra flat and compact cylinders ideal for confined spaces where it is necessary to have reduced overall dimensions. Single or double acting, with spring return, with mechanical locking ring nut, double acting or with load return. Light weight aluminum cylinders to be easily transported or in stainless steel to resist corrosion and aggressive environments. We have manufactured custom hydraulic cylinders with surface treatments with very high wear and corrosion resistance suitable for working in aggressive environments, subsea applications with integrated stroke / pressure transducers, with liquid cooling for fatigue tests, endurance tests … FPT has an R&D and design department that follows the customer in the technical consultancy phase and in the design of all equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner. And a production totally Made in Italy within its own production plant. In fact, FPT has a state of the art CNC controlled machine tool park for turning and milling, with which all cylinders and hydraulic jacks are made and subsequently assembled and tested. Thus following the customer in all phases of design and production of custom made cylinders and jacks.
  • Custom hydraulic cylinders with with stainless steel exsecution high pressure – 700 bar
  • High pressure lifting cylinders with non-standard stoke and tonnages
  • High temperature resistant hydraulic cylinders made with Viton seals for temperatures up to 200°C
  • Hydraulic cylinder with anti-corrosion treatments NITOX QPQ
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinders
  • Workholding cylinders
  • High pressure hydraulic cylinders in stainless steel
  • RINA certifications