Custom high pressure hand pumps

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FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and produces high pressure hand pumps custom made in high pressure: 700 bar 1600 bar 2800 bar 3000 bar 4000 bar.
FPT production is able to satisfy particular needs not only in the choice of construction materials, but also in the type of fluid to be pumped. On request we can build non magnetic steel hand pumps for nuclear uses or for installation on military vehicles. Hand pumps that can be used with water, various types of phosphoric esters, naphtha and other hydrocarbons. The operating pressure can reach up to 4.000 bar. The manual pumps can be made in single stage or double stage for greater speed during the phases of approaching the load. With reduced capacity tanks to be more compact or up to 8 liters to manage more cylinders contemporary. The pressure gauge can be positioned according to specific customer requirements or adopted solutions with manometric sockets. All hand pumps are always equipped with a safety valve for maximum safety.
FPT has an R&D and engineering department that follows the customer in the technical consultancy phase and in the design of all equipment and hydraulic systems, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner. The production totally Made in Italy in our own factory. In fact, FPT has a state of the art CNC machine tool park for turning and milling to manufacture all high pressure hand pumps. We can follow the customer in all phases of design and production giving a complete solutions to customers and support also during the installation and use on site. You can rely on FPT – Fluid Power Technology for the technical assistance you need. A service center is at the full disposal of the client for review or carry out maintenance to our products and a well stocked warehouse ensures deliveries of spare parts around the all world.