Custom made hydraulic bolt tightening equipment

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FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures custom made hydraulic bolt tightening equipment and tools: special hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic torque wrenches pumps and hydraulic nuts.
FPT is specialized in the study and production of custom made hydraulic tensioners from 700 to 2.500 bar. The reference markets more and more require hydraulic tensioners made to customer specifications to be able to operate in the required dimensions. FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. It also takes care of following the customer in the development of the hydraulic circuit by supplying the electric or air HPU pump, the hand pumps and all the components suitable for operating the system, with pressures starting from 1600 bar, 2800 bar, 3000 bar. The hydraulic tensioners can be single acting with spring return, with air return, compact, suitable for the wind sector, with threaded insert, with bridges or special geometries in order to adapt to every single need.

FPT produces a wide range of hydraulic bolt tightening equipment, such as high flow electric or air pumps or compact and lightweight pumps to be used with different hydraulic torque wrenches with square or low clearence. In addition, together with the FPT hydraulic tensioners and wrenches, it also designs and manufactures hydraulic nuts to customer specifications. Systems for the replacement of rusted nuts can be made, such as the FPT Hot Bolt & Industrial Clamp system which is used in multiple applications including the oil & gas, pipeline and industry sectors, as it maintains the integrity of a connection and in the meantime allows for replacement damaged or corroded nuts.