Synchronous lifting

For the installation of seismic insulators
sollevamento idraulico

Synchronous lifting using locking collar cylinders





FPT – Fluid Power Technology has used 10 lifting cylinders model CSE-100/100-GS, load return with safety nut, for lifting a large concrete structure and perfome a synchronous lifting of the structure.

The concrete structure of about 10 meters x 10 meters in length with a height of 4 meters with a total weight of about 700 ton was lifted about 6 cm in a synchronized way to allow the installation of 10 seismic devices between the Foundations and block of concrete.

For the lifting was used an electric pump model FPT equipped with a manual valve for single acting cylinders, manifolds with integrated adjusting valves to allow the pressure to be distributed over the 10 points. The cylinders were equipped with a safety ring so that, once they reached the lifting height, they could be locked in such a way as to ensure the tightness of the load. Following the installation of the devices, the block was lowered by always acting on the control valves to avoid overloading on the individual cylinders to be able to manage a synchronous lifting and lowering job. a good alternative to performe the job could also be to use the FPT ISO FLOW Hydraulic pump with independent outlets for synchronous lifting during the lifting and lowering phases ±3% of precision on the nominal stroke. The independent outlets garantee an equal flow rate that will remains constant even when the load change.