Synchronized lifting of a bridge with a span of 40 meters and an accuracy of 1mm

FPT Synchro system and 18 hydraulic cylinders
sollevamento sincronizzato


Synchronized lifting





Synchronized lifting of the Guasila canal bridge necessary for the execution of structural reinforcement works and positioning of the new support devices.

Given the static configuration of the bridge having a span of 40 meters and arranged over 4 spans, the lifting system required the use of 18 load points consisting of hydraulic cylinders with a stroke of 200mm and a capacity of 100ton each.

The lifting operations were divided as follows:

  • inspection on site
  • first general lifting of the bridge to a height of + 170mm
  • subsequent lowering on temporary supports
  • shimming of the hydraulic cylinders
  • new lifting phase with final height of + 340mm
  • making the system safe screwing the mechanical locking nuts and disconnection of the hydraulic connections

The synchronized lifting was done by the FPT Synchro – synchronous system on which a tolerance on displacements equal to 1mm was set; the total weight lifted was about 507 ton.

Thanks to stroke and pressure transducers feedbacks, the system allows lifting and lowering in a synchronous way with the precision of 1 mm, reducing the risk of excessive stress due to unbalanced distribution of the loads between the lifting points. The operator can set on the PC screen the parameters of the operation to be performed, decide the number of cylinders to use, the stroke, the accuracy and the speed to operate. All data during operations are always monitored by the system increasing productivity and safety during operations. All data are stored and can be downloaded later. The system was developed to adapt to customer lifting needs and can be totally customizable with a series of optional. It is the ideal tool for operations of lifting or weighing that need accurate control’s systems functions. The FPT Fluid Power Technology system is user friendly, safe and modular.