The use of locking collar hydraulic jacks on construction site

Hydraulic Jacking Systems for safe lifting
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Locking Collar Hydraulic Jacks on construction site





On construction site the locking collar hydraulic jacks are one of the best tools to be used. They are manufactured to mechanically lock the ram after lifting and hold the load on a mechanical way, making them safe and reliable.

The load is mechanically locked and held for extended periods of time even when the hydraulic pump is disconnected. Therefore, the operator can work under a lifted load in complete safety. FPT hydraulic jacks are designed and manufactured to resist to the toughest of environments of job site; they are the ideal cylinder for bridge jacking, bridge bearing replacement, bridge lifting and sliding and many other holding applications.

The range is very wide and go from 50 to 1000 tons capacity and strokes from 45 mm to 300 mm and the standard range, custom made production can be done up to 3000 ton and with very long strokes.

There are 3 different designs for those jacks to be able to suit to the most applications:

  • Low Height Lock Nut Cylinder
    Low Profile and low height to be used in confined areas
  • High Tonnage single acting load return Lock Nut Cylinder
    The most standard jacks suitable for the majority of applications
  • High Tonnage double acting Lock Nut Cylinder
    Double acting version to have a fast return

FPT – Fluid Power Technology will support you during the choice of the correct jacks, that are equipped with swivel heads and locking collars and of the powered or manually operated hydraulic pumps. FPT has an R&D and design department that follows the customer in the technical consultancy phase and in the design of all equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner. And a production totally Made in Italy within its own production plant. In fact, FPT has a state of the art CNC controlled machine tool park for turning and milling, with which all cylinders and hydraulic jacks are made and subsequently assembled and tested. Thus following the customer in all phases of design and production of custom made cylinders and jacks. Download the product data sheet