Load transfer for structural reinforcement of an existing industrial coverage.

Spring FPT spring return hollow cylinders for operations.
cilindri forati a doppio effetto


Genova, Italia




Martinetti forati


The old industrial buildings with elliptical coverage may have over the years, due to concrete damages or to lack of maintenance the ruin of the waterproof membrane.

In the present case it was necessary the reinforcement of a covering portion between two supporting ribs (arched ribs).

The structural reinforcement has been achieved by installing metal beams resting on two adjacent supporting arches and connected at times with 4 threaded bars each.

In place to ensure the damaged roof was necessary to tension the threaded bars so as to clear the back down and properly transfer the load to the new outdoor facilities.

The use of the FPT hollow cylinders version with spring return CRM30 / 100FO and the relative hydraulic pump at 700 bar to operate in parallel the tensioning of the elements, it has allowed to perform the load transfer operation safely and easily ensuring the required technical result.