Hydraulic torque wrench pump

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Hydraulic torque wrench pump


Hydraulic torque wrench pumps


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In action, a hydraulic torque wrench pump for hydraulic wrenches used for maintenance operations on a turbine. FPT Fluid Power Technology produces hydraulic torque wrench pumps used to operate the hydraulic torque wrenches which can be hexagon or square drive on which it is possible to apply various types of sockets as for the needed work.

They are one of the fundamental tools to have for maintenance operations. For the following application the need was to unscrew the nuts of a turbine under maintenance in order to carry out the overhaul. The chosen hydraulic torque wrench pump has an electric motor and is compact in the version with 10 liters of tank. Level indicators allow the operator to monitor the oil; the transport cage guarantees greater protection and ease of transport. The FPT hydraulic torque wrench pump is the ideal tool for maximum manageability and transportability. Furthermore, various accessories can be added to the basic configuration, including the Q block for the use of 4 hydraulic wrenches simultaneously, the heat exchanger or the automatic cycle. In the standard version they are suitable for more demanding uses and can be completely customized. While in the high flow version they are the ideal solution for intensive operations where it is necessary to have maximum speed during tightening operations.

The hydraulic torque wrench pump and torque wrenches as well as all the accessories such as bushes, high pressure hoses, couplers and any special reaction arms or dedicated tools are the ideal equipment for all the tightening operations that the operator must carry out and facilitate work during maintenance.