Hydraulic system for the construction of an arched bridge in slovenia

Push and pull cylinders at 700 bar, CDE model






Cilindri speciali


Due to an overflow of a river, it was necessary to reconstruct an arch bridge over the river Mangart along a major road linking Italy and Slovenia through the Predil Pass.

FPT has realized the push and pull cylinders at 700 bar, CDE model that have been used for the operation of launching the bridge, allowing the movement of the wagon, working cantilever, supported the advancement of the arch concrete castings.

The first sections of the arch were cast in situ with a fixed formwork, then with the help of the equipment supplied by FPT, the chariot of the launch has been progressively placed in the correct position for starting casting of individual sections in progress.

Thanks to the hydraulic system FPT the wagon has been placed with a few maneuvers.