Project Description

Lifting and maintenance of a railway bridge

150 tons hydraulic high tonnage cylinders and synchronized pump
high tonnage hydraulic jacks

hydraulic high tonnage cylinders for lifting and maintenance railway bridges





In the railway bridge maintenance project, an hydraulic lifting of the structure had to be made to rebuild the shoulders without interfering with the trains’ transit.

For the lifting have been used 15 hydraulic high tonnage cylinders with capacity 150 tons each one and a stroke of 50 mm, model FPT CSE150/50GS.

The total load supported by cylinders was about 1700 tones and consists of a static part and a dynamic part generated by the rail transit. The cylinders used are equipped with a safety ring, so when the cylinder is pressurized and reached the desired height it is possible to mechanically screw the lock ring on the piston so hydraulic hoses can be disconnected and the load can be mechanically support even longer periods and in total safety.

The hydraulic pump used to manage the hydraulic high tonnage cylinders has an electric motor and a flow divider to handle synchronous lifting of the various points. FPT tooks care of both the production of the cylinders and the hydraulic system as well as the technical support on site during the lifting operations, providing technical assistance for the first installation of the system and the first lifting. On-site training on synchronous lifting systems, special control units, and systems for large lifts, special tensioners and very high pressure systems is one of the services that FPT offers its customers as well as on-site maintenance. FPT provides technical training courses and on-site training to provide operators with all the tools necessary for the correct and safe use of FPT hydraulic equipment. Service, technical assistance and total post sales activities and support at 360 degrees.