Hydraulic Equipment for pull out TESTS

Instrumentation for the determination in the site of the resistance of concrete up to 95MPa, for stress states of compression and tension (news).
prove di pull out cilindro forato e pompa a leva






Attrezzature idrauliche


The measurement system has been developed in collaboration with BOVIAR and the Laboratory DICCA of the Genova University , makes use of high precision components: high pressure jack FPT, pump, digital manometer certificate Accredia.

The anchor are used B15G recently introduced and are exclusive BOVIAR-Laboratories DICCA.

FPT in collaboration with Boviar and laboratories DICCA of The Genova University has developed hydraulic equipment to perform extraction tests to determine the strength of concrete on site.

The equipment consists of a hydraulic jack 20 ton aluminum, spring return, with eyebolt security, manometric and bell integrated for the extraction of appropriate bolts used for the test of the pull-out and by a pump manual lever with relative pipe.