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Hydraulic bolt tensioners for tightening on pipeline flanges

FPT hydraulic tensioners model TTS used during operations
Hydraulic bolt tensioners tightening

Hydraulic bolt tensioners tightening on pipeline flanges


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Hydraulic bolt tensioners tightening operations on flanges. FPT – Fluid Power Technology has produced all the necessary equipment to perform the tightening on pipeline flanges: air pump at 1500 bar model PP150010G, hydraulic bolt tensioners model TTS, 1800 bar hoses and very high pressure fittings.

Tensioners used are the standard range with inch threads of various sizes from 2 “- 2.1 / 2” – 1.3 / 8 “. The FPT range makes it possible to use the same hydraulic cell for multiple threads. Furthermore, all models used have as standard the safety device that does not allow extra stroke.

Extremely compact dimensions and low weight. In the TTS series the spaces for installation are reduced to a minimum and operations are facilitated by reduced weights. Moreover all the models used have as standard the safety device that does not allow the extra stroke – anti over stroke devise – Safety is an imperative, in fact all models of the FPT range have end-of-stroke indicators and are equipped with an anti-extra-stroke safety mechanism. Special high quality gaskets to guarantee leak free operations and easy maintenance. Special treatment to guarantee: high resistance to corrosion – high resistance to wear extreme smoothness during screwing operations. All components are made of high-strength steels. it is always necessary to plan a maintenance job after long period of use or before an intese new activity.

FPT also specializes in the production of custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners on request suitable for installation on Norsok, Vector, Slip on, Weld Neck flanges and many others. FPT is specialized in the study and production of custom made hydraulic tensioners from 700 to 2.500 bar. The reference markets more and more require hydraulic tensioners made to customer specifications to be able to operate in the required dimensions. FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. It also takes care of following the customer in the development of the hydraulic circuit by supplying the electric or air HPU pump, the hand pumps and all the components suitable for operating the system, with pressures starting from 1600 bar, 2800 bar, 3000 bar. The hydraulic tensioners can be single acting with spring return, with air return, compact, suitable for the wind sector, with threaded insert, with bridges or special geometries in order to adapt to every single need. Click to see the full range of standard bolt tensioners