Project Description

FPT hydraulic bolt tensioners for the production process of the coils employed in the Tokamak reactor.

Studs tightening operations.
hydraulic bolt tensioners






Hydraulic bolt tensioners M30 and 1500 bar hydraulic pump


FPT Fluid Power Technology has provided the hydraulic bolt tensioners used for the tightening of the superconducting coils impregnation case present inside the Tokamak machine.

A Tokamak is an experimental machine in the process of optimization, of toroidal form which, through the magnetic confinement of hydrogen isotopes in the plasma state, creates the conditions for occurring, in its interior, thermonuclear fusion in order to extract the energy produced. The machine is part of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an international project that aims to build a reactor experimental nuclear fusion, can produce more energy than it consumes the process for priming and the fusion reaction livelihood. Specifically, the ITER is a deuterium-tritium reactor in which the plasma confinement is obtained in a magnetic field inside a machine called Tokamak.

The hydraulic tensioners model FPT TTS2 M30 thread are used to tension the studs present in the impregnation case. The coil is positioned within the case and after the impregnation process is extracted. The tensioning of the studs ensures the maintenance of the geometry of the case during the impregnation process which is done at very high pressures and temperatures. Hydraulic tensioners are activated in pairs and are fed by the FPT pump with a maximum pressure of 1500 bar.