Project Description

Bridge jacking and bridge bearing replacement

1 mm precision during lifting and lowering operations
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Bridge jacking and bridge bearing replacement






FPT – Fluid Power Technology is specialized in the design and production of heavy duty, high tonnage, jacking equipment for bridge, building, and structure lifting controlled by hydraulic power packs or synchronized lifting systems for the sector of extraordinary, road and motorway maintenance of bridges, bridge bearing replacement, viaducts and tunnels.

For the following project, hydraulic equipment was created to perform the synchronized lifting, and allow to replace the actual bridge bearings. The 12 lifting points were managed with the synchronized FPT SYNCHRO system; 2 hydraulic jacks of 50 tons with a mechanical lock nut and spring return with self-levelling head have been positioned for each point. The FPT Synchronous lifting system allows the operator to proceed with each lifting and descending step in a synchronous way through an integrated management of the hydraulic components and control elements. Unbalanced loads are kept levelled during lifting and lowering phases, with an accuracy of 1 mm. The system has been designed to make it adaptable to all customer lifting requests and can also be completely customized with a series of options.

The system, through the signals deriving from the stroke and pressure transducers, allows synchronous lifting and lowering with an accuracy of 1 mm, reducing the risk of excessive stress due to the unequal distribution of loads between the lifting points. The operator through the PC screen can set the parameters of the operation to be carried out, decide the number of cylinders to be used, the stroke, the precision and the speed with which to operate. All data during operations are always monitored on the system and allow to increase productivity and safety during operations. All data are recorded and can be downloaded later.

This is the ideal system for structural restoration, bridge bearing replacement, seismic adaptation of structures and buildings, consolidations, lifting of bridges and structures, replacement of bearings, joints and anti-seismic devices, restoration of slabs and concrete. Download the product data sheet of the synchronous lifting system.