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For 1 mm precision during heavy lifting and lowering operation with hydraulic cylinders.

FPT manufactures integrated PLC controlled lifting systems. The FPT Synchronous Lifting System allows the operator to carry on each stage of the lifting and lowering process in synchronicity via integrated management of the hydraulic and control elements. Unbalanced loads are kept leveled during the up and down phases, with a precision of 1 mm.

FPT Synchronous Lifting System is the perfect machine to manage lifting and lowering operations of heavy or complex structure.

The system is controlled by PLC (Siemens), is able to manage on a contemporary way lifting or lowering operations.

The system has been designed to adapt to all the customer’s lifting requirements and can be fully personalised with a series of options. It’s the ideal tool for lifting or weighing operations that need dedicated control functions. The FPT system is easy, safe and modulable for the operator to use.

Typical Synchronous Lifting System application are from 4 to 48 points – cylinders:
The system through the signals from the stroke and pressure transducers allow synchronous lifting and lowering, reducing the risk of excessive strain due to unequal distribution of the loads across the lifting points. The operator can use the PC screen to set parameters for the operation to be carried on, decide the number of cylinders to use, the stroke, the precision and speed.

Synchronous lifting systems 1 mm precision

FPT – Fluid Power Technology is a manufacturer of synchronous lifting systems with integrated PLC control. The FPT Synchronous system allows the operator to proceed with each lifting and lowering step in a synchronous way and fully automatic through an integrated management of the hydraulic components and control elements. Unbalanced loads are kept level during the lifting and lowering phases, with an accuracy of 1 mm. The system has been designed to make it adaptable to all customer lifting requirements and can also be completely customized with a series of options.

It is the ideal system for heavy and critical lifting jobs and for weighing operations that need dedicated control functions without manual control. The FPT synchronous lifting system can be used with single and double acting cylinders with spring return, under load, oil or with safety ring with lock nut.

The FPT synchronous lifting system is simple, safe and modular for the operator. All data related to lifting and lowering operations are saved and stored by the system and can also be downloaded by the user in an Excel file. There is also the possibility of remote access from FPT is achievable, in order to be able to act directly on the system wherever it is. Remote access and Black box. Click to discover one of our lifting jobs.

fpt fluid power technology training

FPT, in its plant in Italy, has an external area dedicated to training for dynamic and complex systems such as the synchronous system: FPT DYNAMIC TEST FACILITY. In the area there is a 40 ton concrete block which allows any type of test: all the necessary lifting and lowering operations can be simulated in this way.

Synchronous lifting systems

Available options for the FPT synchronous lifting system:

  • Rotation on synchro
  • Center of gravity – COG

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