High tonnage cylinders, oil return

Series CRI GS TA

High tonnage cylinders, oil return


FPT high tonnage lock nut hydraulic cylinders, with gravity return.

CSE GS Series are with the threaded safety ring, the load can be mechanically locked and held for extended periods of time even when the hydraulic pump is disconnected. Therefore, the operator can work under a lifted load in complete safety.

Cylinders designed for heavy lifting, to support and hold bridges, viaducts and heavy structural steelwork.

Hydraulic cylinders with gravity return, max pressure 700 bar

The end-stroke ring guarantees maximum operator safety, preventing plunger over-stroke.

High-strength removable head.

Custom made hydraulic cylinders high pressure can be manufactured on customer request up to 3000 ton.

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High tonnage cylinders, oil return

High tonnage hydraulic cylinders with single acting and locking collar, return under load at high pressure. Thrust force from 10 to 600 tons with stroke range from 25 mm to 300 mm. High tonnage hydraulic cylinders that can be manufactured up to 3000 tons, suitable for lifting, pushing and large lifting operations. Operating pressure 700 bar.

The guide surfaces are sized to ensure optimal performance in absorbing the offset load and the end-of-stroke ring nut increases operator safety by avoiding the extra stroke of the piston.

These cylinders are equipped with high-resistance seals for maximum durability with use up to 60 ° C, on request it is possible to equip the cylinder with seals resistant to high temperatures up to 200 ° C. Furthermore, the presence of the mud scraper ring avoids contamination by impurities present in the environment of use.

The cylinders are equipped with a 3/8 ” NPT female half joint equipped with an anti-dust cap. Removable head with high resistance and possibility to mount a self-leveling head for a better distribution of the load to be lifted.

Nitox ONC treatment on all internal mechanical parts for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear.

All models weighing up to 20 kg are equipped with lifting eyebolts.

Sectors of use: steel mills, energy, industry, infrastructure, engineering and testing, mining, shipbuilding, offshore, oil & gas, transport and large lifting.

Possibility to design and produce special hydraulic cylinders on request, with dedicated geometries, performances and characteristics.

All models can be connected to different drive units such as manual lever pumps or motorized hydraulic power units. A wide range of accessories such as pipes, valves and pressure gauges is available for the composition of the desired hydraulic circuit.

  • Single-acting cylinders with load return and safety ring
  • Cylinders up to 3,000 tons

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Tech data sheet: High tonnage cylinders, oil return

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