Mini pumps 700 bar

Only 12kg!! Super light and compact to operate your hydraulic cylinders anywhere
Portable Mini pumps for hydraulic torque wrenches

Portable hydraulic mini pumps 700 bar, with single-phase electric motor to operate anywhere thanks to its 12 kg.
Super light and with a weight reduced to a minimum, it is the ideal tool to take wherever there is a need for the action of hydraulic cylinders or tools. For maintenance at heights, on machinery, overhead cranes or systems where maximum compactness and lightness is required. Ideal for working in narrow spaces, where a light and easy to handle tool is required.

Portable hydraulic mini pumps at 700 bar
Only 12kg
Super light and compact

Equipped with solenoid valve and remote control with 3 meter cable, for complete control of the control unit, with the possibility of managing the advancement, holding and return of the hydraulic cylinder. The operator is totally free to operate his own hydraulic cylinders having full control of the control unit.

The Portable hydraulic mini pumps have a maximum pressure of 700 bar and can be used with single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders. It is also equipped with a sturdy metal protective casing and an ergonomic handle to easily move and transport it anywhere.

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