Air Hydraulic pumps

1500 – 2500 – 3000 – 4000 bar

air hydraulic pump 1500 2500 bar

FPT air hydraulic pumps PP series are the ideal solution for all very high pressure applications. The most common applications are: stud tensioning operations, burst tests, laboratory tests, bearing mounting and dismounting, operation on hydraulic bolt tensioners or hydraulic nuts and in general any application that requires a very high operating pressure.

Using compressed air as an energy source, they can be connected to industrial pneumatic lines and, if necessary, also to portable compressors. The standard versions of these air hydraulic pumps are offered with operating pressures of 1500 bar, 2500 bar, 3000 bar and 4000 bar.

All models are equipped as standard with the air treatment unit consisting of an inlet filter and pressure regulator with integrated pressure gauge and sectioning valve, an analogue pressure gauge on a high pressure hydraulic line and a factory-fitted quick coupling. The valve block of these control units integrates a handwheel by-pass valve, a pressure limiting valve for maximum operating safety and a high sensitivity handwheel pressure regulation valve that allows rigorous adjustment of the operating pressure. For all models, the option with remote control button (CDP) is also available.

The PP series pumps are available with 5 or 10 liter tanks. Special models with different flow rates or pressures, different tank capacities, or with special hydraulic functions can be supplied on request.


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