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Place: Italy
Area: Steel
Technology: Cylinders

cilindro di bloccaggio

Workholding cylinders

On a machine to produce seamless steel pipes

The workholding cylinders cover for the most variegate requirements for supporting, powerful clamping and positioning force. They are characterized by high loads and extremely compact dimensions are easily integrated even in the most complex industrial equipments.

The workholding cylinders are available in both simple effect or double-acting and are characterized by a high ease of installation.

The cylinders in question were designed and produced for a steel mill that is the first Italian producer of seamless steel tubes. The workholding cylinders are made double-acting and have geometry and dimensions according to the needs of installation of the customer.
The cylinders were in fact mounted on a machine for cutting and trimming of mechanical tubes without welding and allow, by means of a lever mechanism, the easy locking / unlocking of the tools used in the processing phase.