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Place: Spain
Area: Infrastructure
Technology: FPT system for tensioning DYWIDAG bars


Tensioning DYWIDAG bars

FPT system for tensioning DYWIDAG bars

FPT is a specialized manufacturer of equipment and systems for the tensioning of the DYWIDAG bars mainly used in the systems of Post-Tensioning and Geotechnical.
For tensioning DYWIDAG bars we specifically designed a suitable tool consisting of hydraulic hollow jack single or double acting equipped with specific reaction bell and polygonal wrench and operated by an hand pump or an electrical pump unit with a working pressure of 700 bar.

The operator can hydraulically actuate the cylinder by setting the pressure required to confer the proper preload to the bar. The plus of the FPT kit for tensioning DYWIDAG bar is to be fitted with a specific reaction bell and adjustable wrench that allow the operator to have full access to the hex nut and tighten it through the appropriate tommy bar without the need for other equipment.

The system is modular and can be adapted to all types of bars from the bar of 18 to the bar of 75 . Cylinders can be manufactured in simple or double effect and are designed specifically for each single bar DYWIDAG.