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Place: Brasil
Area: Mining
Technology: Pulling cylinders and pumps

high tonnage pull cylinders

FPT equipment for the realization of the longest aerial transport system for bulk materials on ropes in the world

Pulling cylinders and pumps for the stringing of main ropes.

7 km of conveyor belt suspended on ropes (FlyingBelt); the longest in the world built in Brazil in the Barroso area. The plant is 7.2 km long, flies over difficult obstacles and terrains while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.

Holcim the buyer has put into operation the plant that is able to transport from the quarry to the cement factory about 1,500 tons of limestone per hour. In the overhead conveyor belt of the world’s longest ropes are used in a single rubber band, the total length of 14.4 kilometers, 60,000 meters of cables and 25,000 rolls.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology participated in the project by designing and manufacturing the pulling cylinders model CRI-120/520-TRSPC and the pumps used for stringing the main ropes of the flyingbelt.

This type of hydraulic actuators are equipped with fork attacks at both ends with a hole for pin, diameter 120 mm on one side and 109 mm on the other.

The maximum developed tension force is 1232 kN at the maximum pressure of 700 bar while the maximum stroke is 520 mm for a closed space of 1720 mm.

The particularity of these cylinders in addition to the fact that they were made entirely tailor-made with specific sizes and types of attacks, is that they have been treated with a special aluminum coating cycle that ensures very high resistance to corrosion. In fact, the headquarters is close to the sea side in the Minas Gerais in Brazil, the environment is so critical for the possible presence of air salinity and for high humidity and temperature.

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