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Place: Genova
Area: Shipyard
Technology: Cylinders

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Cylinders to lift 500 ton

Hydraulic cylinders with 1.200mm stroke to lift 6 ship shore cranes

To meet the demanding requirements of the shipping companies and to respond to the challenge of the container terminal SECH Genoa Italy, six cranes, ship to shore, were maintained and modified.

The revamping the six cranes, with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and a total weight of about 500 tons, will allow to increase the overall height of the crane.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology has designed and built the hydraulic system in order to be able to lifting cranes.
The material designed and manufactured for the lifting job was:
– N ° 8 hydraulic cylinders at high pressure, model CRI-200/1200-TA having a capacity of 200 tons, working pressure of 700 bar and stroke 1200 mm complete with tilting head;
– No. 4 power pumps with two-stage pump, working pressure 700 bar, 4/3 solenoid valve and manifold in line with two outputs.

Each crane with total weight of about 500 tons was raised up of 1000 mm to allow the replacement of the structural connection between the structure and the trucks; thus obtaining a greater height and pitch.
Thanks to the FPT lifting system cranes have been raised and made safe in a few hours allowing a saving of time and an optimization of resources in the yard.