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Place: Italy
Area: Transportation
Technology: Cylinders

FPT fluid power technology

FPT Hydraulic equipment for mounting bearings

Railway applications

For the realization of locking devise of 500 kN has been used an FPT hydraulic system.

The machine is designed for the fitting of the bearings and / or of the respective tracks (inner ring) of bushings stations to perform, after the maintenance of the same bushes.
The functionality of the machine is carried out hydraulically in high pressure to a maximum of 700 bar with an FPT pump.

The circuit is actuated by an hydraulic control unit with a solenoid valves, specially designed in relation to the maximum working stresses with push assembly 500 kN, is equipped with a special hydraulic cylinder operated at high pressure and mounted elastically on the respective support for easy alignment with the dining process. The cylinder used is a hydraulic hollow cylinder of 60 tons to 700 bar pressure and having a stroke of 260 mm, model FPT CRI60/260FO