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Place: Finland
Area: Shipyard
Technology: Tensioners

marine engine

FPT tensioner for application on marine engine

3 stage tensioners, spring return for multiple tensioning on M64 studs

The equipment designed by FPT – Fluid Power Technology is used for the simultaneous tensioning and de tensioning of the head cylinder of the marine engines Wartsila type A320 (bore 320 mm.).

This is accomplished by tensioning stud M64x4 by 4 hydraulic tensioners, 3 stages that develop each a force of 834 kN (85 tons.) at a pressure of 850 bar.

The tool is lowered on the cylinder head and the tensioners are screwed on the columns equipped with nut. After running the tensioning simultaneously and turning the nuts through the openings of the bridges of tensioners, then release the pressure by getting the closure of the head.

The return of the pistons of the tensioners is by springs.