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Place: Algeria
Area: Oil & Gas
Technology: Hydraulic bolt tensioners and 1500 bar air pumps

hydraulic bolt tensioners

Hydraulic Bolt tensioners for tightening operation on new pipelines

15 km of pipelines, 788 flanges and 16.328 nuts to be tensioned

Hydraulic tensioners FPT – Fluid Power Technology, TTS series are used for tightening the flanges of the primary and secondary pipeline of the new facility SBF (SONATRACH BOOSTING FACILITIES).

FPT has provided all the necessary equipment to perform tightening operations: pneumo hydraulic pump PP150010G – 1.500 bar, hydraulic bolt tensioners TTS series, hoses and fittings in very high pressure. To complete the supply FPT has also organized a Training at SBF for the assembly teams who will take care of the tightness of flanged joints and pipeline testing.

The plant is located near a complex of natural gas extraction made up of about 150 wells in the village of Alrar in southeastern Algeria. The “harmful” gases from the extraction site, are conveyed from SBF to be compressed and re-injected into the reservoir.

The primary pipeline is constituted by a pipe with a 36 “diameter steel Duplex to withstand conditions of elevated temperature and pressure and in the presence of highly corrosive gases.

The development of the pipes that run inside the plant is about 15 km, the number of flanges 788 that compose it are of different type and the total number of bolts to be tensioned is of 16,328 with a range of size between 1 “and 3 1/4”.