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Place: Argentina
Area: Mining
Technology: Hydraulic jacks special version and 700 bar pumps

excavation marble blocks

Special hydraulic jacks for the tilting of banks and large marble blocks.

Bench moving plants.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology design and manufacture the hydraulic system for the pushing and overturning of large rock masses and benches in the marble quarries.

Hydraulic jacking plant, extremely compact and easy to move, used for pushing and overturning large rock masses and benches. The pushing capacity is 300 tons with two 150 mm stroke jacks.
It is basically composed of a hydraulic pumping unit giving 700 bar pressure and one or more hydraulic jacks with different stroke and capacity.

The complete system is composed by a hydraulic pump at 700 bar, connected by flexible hoses of various lengths to one or more hydraulic pistons of various races and powers according to individual needs. The hydraulic cylinders are special with spherical head and can be adapted to individual needs.