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Place: Sicily, Italy
Area: Engineering
Technology: Special high pressure cylinders

ton cylinders

100 tons FPT cylinders to simulate an earthquake.

Structural and seismic monitoring.

FPT has designed and produced 3 special cylinders of 100 tons at 700 bar with the maximum stroke of 500 mm which were used to simulate the damage caused by a earthquake on a reinforced concrete building.

The test includes the creation of walls that have been linked to the foundation beams and on which have been fitted the FPT cylinders able to give the oscillatory movement of the building.

The cylinders have applied the required load and the test was performed according to the setting of increasing levels of displacement starting from 6 mm, 13 mm, 25 mm and then subsequently 40 and 55 mm.

Later diagrams force and displacement of the 3 cylinders used were acquired by the monitoring system.

Through the use of a drone it is also possible to perform preventive inspections inside buildings in areas that are not inspected or where there are collapsed walls. The structural geophysical surveys will be carried out quickly and in real time can be analyzed the extent of seismic risk.