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Bolt tightening equipment

FPT Fluid Power Technology produces a wide range of equipment for bolt tightening applications.
Power pack for torque wrenches, bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts and hydraulic rings are part of the product line.

No matter what your need: FPT has the right solution for critical applications, hydraulic clamping or tensioning of flanges, heat exchangers, tanks, Cases compressors and turbines, wind turbines, valves, ball mills, large motors, rolling mill ..
The range is completed by hydraulic nuts for tension operation and hydraulic nuts that are ideal for various types of bearings.

FPT is also specialized in the design and manufacture of special hydraulic tensioners from 700 to 2500 bar.
FPT follows the client from the study of geometry in 3D up to the production of the required tensioners torque and bolt tensioning equipment.