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Accessories for hydraulic pumps

ATEX certification

• Hydraulic pumps can also be supplied ATEX certified.

Frame based on customer specification

• Protection and transport casing according to applications

Heat exchanger

• Reduces and dissipates the heat in the oil to decrease operating temperature for extended work cycles.

Pressure transducer

• For precise pressure readings.

Remote control

• Remote control available on FPH and FPT hydraulic pumps for VER valves.

Foot remote control

• Double pedal for remote control.

• Available with various cable lengths.

Personalized and digital pressure gauges

• Pressure gauges with double scale bar / ton

• Digital pressure gauges

Radio control

• Hydraulic pump controlled remotely with radio control

Manifold mounted on hydraulic pumps

• Manifold can be mounted directly on the hydraulic pump.

• Valve control becomes even easier.

Protection cage

Protection cage is a standard equipment on FPH hydraulic pumps, available for reservoirs of all sizes and for the other series.

• Incredibly portable and very easy to handle.

• Protects the hydraulic pump and its parts.

Pressure switch

• Pressure switch for automated operations.

• Easy and precise to set, these pressure switches are supplied for use with various pressure ranges for optimum adjustment to all operating pressure values.