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PP Series
Pneumohydraulic pumps

PP Series are pneumohydraulic pumps and have 3 models,  supplied as standard equipment:
1500 bar air pumps
2100 bar air pumps
2500 bar air pumps

• Fed by a normal compressed air line, it is the ideal solution for tensioning studs, explosion tests, unkeying bearings, hydraulic tensioning devices and anywhere very high pressure is used.

• Air consumption is approximately 2100 l/min. The feed pressure may vary from 1.8 to 7 bar. A distinctive feature of the pump is that following a drop in pressure, the hydraulic pump automatically restores the previous values.

• Pneumohydraulic units for pressure values up to 4000 bar can also be supplied on request.

• Hydraulic pumps are always supplied without couplers.

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