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FPT Series
Hydraulic pumps for fixed installations

FPT Series are high-pressure hydraulic pumps, for heavy applications, make it easier to find the right solution for specific needs to operate hydraulic cylinders and equipment.

Modular pumps high pressure

• Maximum versatility thanks to the three-phase and single-phase electric motors and pneumatic motors.

• Wide range of FPT single or two-speed pumps with different flow rates, for the best choice for each application.

• Designed for reduced maintenance and maximum service life and reliability.

• Equipped with a tough and strong steel reservoir (5 to 60 litres).

• 3 or 4-way manual, electric or pneumatic valves can also be mounted.

• Pressure control valve as standard equipment in the FPT model.

• Hydraulic pumps are always supplied without couplers.



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