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Hydraulic pump with independent outlets for synchronous lifting

FPT ISO FLOW Series is a Hydraulic pump with independent outlets for synchronous lifting during the lifting and lowering phases ±3% of precision on the nominal stroke.

With an axial piston pumps, single-speed, with 2, 4 or 6 independent outlets and equal flow rate that remains constant even when the load change.

• Synchronous load control during the lifting phase. Multi-point controlled lifting and lowering applications.

• Each outlet can be equipped with a flow control valve to control the load during the lowering phase. If is required a control with a PLC can be used the FPT synchronous system. (see synchronous lifting system).

• 20 to 100-litre reservoirs can be used to operate a wide range of medium and high tonnage cylinders.

• Example of hydraulic pump configuration to operate 4 doubleacting cylinders: F.P.T. 4X0.4-ME2-M-EV4/3-60-SP

The best hydraulic pump for lifting and lowering a load on a synchronous way.

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