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GH-DI Series
Grease nuts

GH-DI Series

FPT engineer and manufacture different types of nuts actuated by grease:

• Nuts with transverse or axial nipple and release screw. Nuts are actuated by an external unit (normally a grease pump).

• Nuts with transverse or axial actuator screw piston. Nuts are actuated by a hand-held hex wrench and they do not need an external unit.

• For all types of nuts the dimension are between 40 mm of external diameter until 600 mm. With a stroke of 2, 4 or 10 mm.

• The main use of nuts is for the mounting or dismounting of bearings, the insert or extract of conical elements, or clamping of mechanical parts.

Nuts can be operated by grease or they can be hydraulic nuts dipending on the customer requirement. 

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