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Synchronous lifting systems

For millimetre precision lifting
F.P.T. makes integrated PLC controlled lifting systems. The F.P.T. Synchro system allows the operator to carry out each stage of the lifting and lowering process in synchronicity via integrated management of the hydraulic and control elements. Unbalanced loads are kept level during the up and down phases, with a maximum levelling error of +/- 1 mm.
The system has been designed to adapt to all the customer’s lifting requirements and can be fully personalised with a series of options. It’s the ideal tool for lifting or weighing operations that need dedicated control functions. The F.P.T. system is easy, safe and modulable for the operator to use.

Typical synchronous lifting application from 4 to 48 points:
The system through the signals from the stroke and pressure transducers allow synchronous lifting and lowering with precision of +/- 1 mm, reducing the risk of excessive strain due to unequal distribution of the loads across the lifting points. The operator can use the PC screen to set parameters for the operation to be carried out, decide the number of cylinders to use, the stroke, the precision and speed at which to operate. All the data throughout the operation is constantly monitored by the system and allows greater productivity and safety during the operations. All the data is recorded and can then be downloaded.