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FPT – Fluid Power Technology – designs and manufactures high-pressure hydraulic equipment from 700 to 4.000 bar.

FPT is highly specialized in engineering and produce new technical solutions and equipment for lifting, bolting and tensioning equipment with an absolute quality of the products.

FPT has the quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008.

Our equipment are designed to meet the most diverse applications in various industrial sectors of reference. We have the right solution for your needs. FPT manufactures a wide range of standard products and it is also specialized in the design of cylinders, pumps, tensioners and special lifting and tensioning systems.

Specialist of customized equipment. We design and produce special high pressure equipment from 700 to 4.000 bar.

Special equipment on request


FPT carries out projects worldwide. Discover them. You can filter by area of interest and view the FPT's projects.

Special hydraulic nuts

FPT Hydraulic pumps for big valve bolt tightening in the energy sector

Pressure multiplier for the testing of heat exchangers

Translation of an highway

Hydraulic cylinders and pump for lifting, moving and regulate a mobile formwork

Synchronous lifting system to control and balance a huge steel structure during the bridge launching.

Mounting 60 kW wind generators

Pressing operations of an important generator

JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery

Attrezzatura per motori di propulsione per navi

Sollevamento di una parte di nave

Dadi idraulici e tiranteria sulle FREEM

Special hydraulic bolt tensioners for the offshore platform Hebron

Major maneuvers - revamping of 5 ship-to-shore-cranes

FPT stainless steel cylinders for subsea applications in Congo.

Produzione di 50 ghiere idrauliche

Tensionatore ritorno a molla

Compact hydraulic tensioners

Tensionatori speciali M120x6

PT system for gauges calibration

Dadi idraulici 2250 bar

Equipment to strenghthening the foundations

Synchronous lifting

Prove su pali

FPT Hydraulic pumps for big valve bolt tightening in the energy sector

Hydraulic Bolt tensioners for tightening operation on new pipelines

Pressure multiplier for the testing of heat exchangers

High tonnage cylinders to assembly a tunnel boring machine.

FPT Hydraulic equipment for mounting bearings

Very high pressure FPT pumps and hydraulic tools for the aeronautical industry.

Special hydraulic jacks for the tilting of banks and large marble blocks.

FPT equipment for the realization of the longest aerial transport system for bulk materials on ropes in the world

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Production our strength

100% made by FPT
All our products are manufactured by US

All products are entirely manufactured and assembled by FPT – Fluid Power Technology in our establishment and follow a process of:
• mechanical processing of materials purchased
• treatment of finished or semi-finished material such as chromium, zinc, phosphate, nitrating, Browning, hardening etc.
• assembly of the finished product

100% made by FPT

We are proud to say that all the production process of our equipment is followed directly by FPT, this
allows us to maintain high levels of technical knowhow, an excellent production flexibility and a total quality control.

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